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Hello DBWeb!

February 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Well, it finally happened. It’s official.

There is now an alternative to the World Wide Web. It’s called DBWeb. Unfortunately, it only runs on Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Vista, and Windows 7 operating systems. You can see it, learn about it, and play with it by downloading from The installation package contains sample DBWebs and you can start making your own right away if you want.

There’s really no point in reinventing the wheel unless your new wheel is an improvement. Is DBWeb better than the World Wide Web? Well, it depends. It depends on what YOU think.

The new web is totally different from the old one. It is NOT based on HTML and HTTP. Instead, a web page is simply a window with objects in it. The objects are the same ones your operating system is equipped with, such as text boxes, labels, command buttons, data grids, combo and list boxes, image boxes, and video windows. There’s even a web browser object in which you can display a world wide web page IN your DBWeb page.

Making a DBWeb is simple. Just click the kind of object you want, draw it in your window, and then specify its content and features. When your page looks the way want it, you save it. All the information needed to save your page so that it can be faithfully reproduced as you designed it is saved in the records of a database.  Hence, the new web is called DBWeb, which stands for “databased web.”

The new web is still in its infancy. You might say it can’t even crawl yet, let alone walk or run. But already it shows signs of being an improvement on the old web. For one thing, the DBWeb browser is also the editor. You don’t need special software to create DBWeb sites – just use the browser – it does it all. Another plus for the new web is that it supports user accounts and roles. So you can secure your webs so no one else can access them, or  you can open them for reading only to the general public, or to a select few. You can also create several users and assign them as editors if you want and they can make any changes they want, including deleting all your web pages.

And this is just scratching the surface of what the new web will do. Try it. You might like it.  But be aware – it is strictly experimental at this point and only for show.